What we offer those looking to sell a property:


We sell your property FREE OF CHARGE because the buyer pays all our commission

This means that we cover all the costs of photography, Exposés, advertising, and other sales costs.

This means that it is cheaper to sell your property though us than to do it yourself.

We advertise your property INTERNATIONALLY (we list on 12 international property websites), as well as DOMESTICALLY (around 120 German websites used)

This means that we usually manage to find solvent buyers who make quick decisions.

This means a quicker sale of your property.

We provide potential buyers from our list of active buyers looking to buy properties in Berlin

We are also a member of the IVD (Immobilienverband Deutschland) and other broker networks, and can tap into their pool of buyers as well.

This means you save time by selling your property before outside financial conditions, such as interest rates, exchange rates and property prices, change.

We provide a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER to maximise your property’s visual appeal

This means that your property will catch the eye of more potential buyers.

We offer our MARKET EXPERTISE to help evaluate the fair market value of your property

This means no costly under- or over-valuation mistakes.

This means a quicker sale without loss of profit or the costs caused by not selling in time.

Unlike many larger agents, we never send junior staff to conduct viewings

This means that potential buyers are handled by an informed, skilled and motivated person.

This means that potential buyers have more trust and confidence, leading to a quicker sale.

We concentrate on YOUR SALE by not having too many properties to sell at any one time – another advantage of using a boutique agency such as ours.

This helps minimise the risk of overlooking important details and means that we are focused and determined to sell YOUR property.

We have created a comprehensive 9-page checklist of things that can go wrong, based on our experience over several years.

The means we can avoid the many potential issues that can occur during and after the sale.

This means a smoother sales process, with earlier payment, and no risk of issues later on.



Wondered about the steps involved in selling your German apartment?

Click to see our PDF explaining the procedure: STEPS IN SELLING


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